Woman in Pakistan had nail hammered into head to guarantee baby boy

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In South Asia, a son is often believed to offer better financial security to parents than daughters.

Some faith healers, whose practices are rooted in mystic Sufi are common across Muslim-majority Pakistan despite the disapproval of some schools of Islam.

On Wednesday a pregnant woman had a nail hammered into her head by a faith healer who said it would guarantee she gave birth to a boy.

According to what doctor Haider Khan told AFP, the woman arrived at a hospital in the northwestern city of Peshawar after trying to extract the nail herself with pliers.

The mother of three daughters was fully conscious, but was in immense pain before the spike was removed.

The woman said she was pregnant with another girl child and on the advice of the faith healer a nail was hammered into her head.

Dr Khan said the x-ray showed the two inches nail had pierced the top of the woman’s forehead but missed the brain.

Police at Peshawar are trying to track down the woman in order arrest the faith healer.




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