Chimaobi Nzoromobi

Popularly known as the ‘Sports Sniper’, Chimaobi Jose Nzoromobi joined Crown FM initially as daily sports presenter, before Joining the News department.

Harboring a strong passion for sports and the media Chimaobi  hooked up with Crown FM in 2013.

His expertise in sport very quickly attracted state-wide attention, earning him a Sports Personality award in 2013 and 2018 and a nomination in 2015.

Chimaobi, who hails from Imo State in the south eastern region of Nigeria, draws inspiration from God’s Word, people around him  learns extensively from what he observes around him.

His genres of music including Jazz, EDM and rock songs.

He is on social media with the following handles:

Twitter: CJNzromobi

Instagram: Chimaobi_nzoromobi

Facebook: Chimaobi J Nzoromobi.

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