Tayo Okotie-Eboh

Media Executive

“This is how you and your husband will have your own station and do programs like this at night”


Tayo jumped hearing the voice behind her. No one else was in the building, so that left little doubt as to where it could’ve come from. While some may have said it came from imagination, one fact contradicted this.

Tayo’s fiancé had never told her he wanted to become a broadcast entrepreneur.

That voice heralded the beginning of Tayo’s broadcasting journey.

Tayo Okotie-Eboh formed Crown Radio Global with her husband in 2004. Crown FM hit the airwaves in 2010, quickly gaining traction with the community, business owners, and the state government.

With Crown Radio Global becoming a highly sought-after company, Tayo found herself providing advice to companies regularly, giving her a great sense of accomplishment, being a natural problem solver. Wanting to do so on a larger scale, led to the establishment of Crown Business Consultancy, a firm dedicated to solving any dilemma various companies may have, preventing mistakes and providing business opportunities.

Crown Radio was able to identify with its audience. Recognizing pidgin as a largely spoken dialect, it was proposed programs run at various times in that dialect, instead of the widely spoken English. However, Tayo felt this wasn’t enough. Fasting and praying for a solution, God answered her prayers, giving her the vision for Kpoko Broadcasting, aka KpokoFM, which was launched in 2016.  KpokoFM is the first Pidgin speaking station in Delta State. It was extremely well received by the community, breaking multiple records, receiving multiple awards, and edging out its sister station, crown FM for the number one radio station slot in the state, at which it remains presently.


All through 2019, Tayo hosted Business Coach on Radio show, on Monday mornings and Rise and develop your state on Fridays.

Not wanting to limit herself to radio, Tayo decided to venture into the entertainment world. Being a large fan of competition shows, Tayo decided to have her own competition.  In 2019, Crown Gospel Music Talent Hunt was created. It gave Crown Radio listeners a chance to showcase their own musical talents in a series of radio performances. The finals were held live and was open to spectators. The prize? A record deal, cash and being an ambassador of Crown Radio for a year. Of course, Tayo didn’t want other record labels to take credit for talent she discovered, which resulted in the establishment of Crown Records.

With such a large audience, Tayo deemed it important to educate the community on serious issues in our society that they may be experiencing. The radio drama series ‘Parables’ dives into these issues, providing listeners with significant life lessons, as well as a means of entertainment. While this provided some satisfaction, it still didn’t feel like it was enough.

Tayo, always had a passion for television but found herself occupied with the firms she had established and managed. Of course, she was fully grateful for these establishments, but the next phase of purpose was about to be received. The outbreak of covid-19 provided Tayo with the standstill she needed. While the idea of Crown TV Africa had been at the back of her mind, it began to come to life during the lockdown. Crown TV Africa prioritizes financial freedom as a means to success. Crown TV Africa enlightens Africans to wealth and opportunities all around them.



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