President Vladimir Putin transfers power to top spy chief while he undergoes cancer surgery

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Vladimir Putin is set to transfer power to Russia’s top spy chief who is described as an “outright villain” while he undergoes cancer surgery, according to news reports.

President Vladimir Putin will reportedly transfer power to his top spy chief Nikolai Patrushev while he undergoes surgery for cancer, according to Sky News.

Mr. Patrushev, head of the Security Council, was handpicked by Mr. Putin to temporarily take over Russia’s government while he recovers from an operation, reported the New York Post.

The 70-year-old is considered a key architect in the invasion of Ukraine and is believed to have convinced the President that Kyiv is rife with neo-Nazis.

The unverified claims surfaced from a video posted to the Russian Telegram channel General SVR, which is believed to be run by a former Russian Foreign Intelligence Service lieutenant.

In the video, the narrator claims Mr. Putin will undergo cancer surgery which is set to incapacitate him for “a short time”.

The narrator added Mr. Putin was “unlikely to hand over control for a longer period” and that Mr. Patrushev will only be in power for two to three days.

Mr. Patrushev is believed to be a more hardline ruler than Mr. Putin with the narrator describing him as “an outright villain”.

The extraordinary new claims follow an extensive report released by an independent Russian media outlet, the Project, which claimed Mr. Putin had seen an oncologist up to “35 times” over the years.




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