Rishi Sunak

    Rishi Sunak, the United Kingdom’s new Prime Minister, pledged on Tuesday that he would reunify the country through action rather than words. Sunak addressed the nation for the first time as Prime Minister from the lectern outside Downing Street. The 42-year-old also stated that his government will be characterized by integrity, professionalism, and […]

    The new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, has resigned after barely two months in the seat. She had defeated Rishi Sunak by 81,326 votes to 60,399 in an internal contest after Boris Johnson’s resignation in July. The lawmaker was the Conservatives’ fourth head of the British government since 2015, promising […]

  The British pound has fallen to its lowest level against the U.S. dollar since 1985. The currency fell to $1.1407 on Wednesday afternoon — a level not seen since the premiership of Margaret Thatcher. The United Kingdom (UK) is said to be battling double-digit inflation, an energy crisis, and a possible recession. The pound’s […]

  Boris Johnson, UK prime minister, will resign on Thursday following pressure from members of his government. Several ministers had resigned from the government, citing a loss of trust in Johnson. The resignations followed the latest scandal to engulf Johnson’s government his handling of the concerns raised over Chris Pincher, deputy chief whip, over allegations […]

  Britain has launched a new visa system to make it easier for science, research and technology workers overseas to move to Britain. The country’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, disclosed this while addressing lawmakers on Wednesday. Sunak described the initiative as part of ongoing efforts to make Britain the best place in the […]


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