Sharing Stage With Shakira ‘Worst Idea In The World’ — Jennifer Lopez

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American singer, actress, and dancer, Jennifer Lynn Lopez, popularly known as J.Lo, has described sharing the 2020 Super Bowl performance with fellow Latina star, Shakira as the ‘worst idea in the world.’

Lopez made the revelation in one of the scenes of her new documentary which airs on Netflix, Halftime.

“We have 30 seconds of a song, and if we take a minute, that’s it, we’ve got five left. But, there’s got to be certain songs that we sing, though.

“We have to have our singing moments. It’s not going to be a dance f..king revue. We have to sing our message. This is the worst idea in the world to have two people do the Super Bowl. It was the worst idea in the world,” the superstar singer said.

Another clip from the documentary shows Lopez speaking to Shakira about their time slots.

“If it was going to be a double headliner, they should have given us 20 minutes,”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the singer’s manager Benny Medina also said it was an insult to have two Latinas do the job of one Latina, thus sharing her sentiments in the documentary.

“Typically, you have one headliner at a Super Bowl, that headliner constructs a show, and, should they choose to have other guests, that’s their choice. It was an insult to say you needed two Latinas to do the job that one artist historically has done.”

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