Oppositions Are Using My Physical defect Against Me — Imo LP Candidate

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Ahead of the gubernatorial election coming up in Imo State in November, the candidate of the Labour Party, Senator Athan Achonu, has cried out that opposition parties in the state are using his physical defect to campaign against him.

Achonu made this known while appearing on Arise TV interview to talk about rising issues in his party ahead of the state election in November.

The recent crisis in Imo state of the Labour Party started when the National Working Committee of the Julius Abure set insisted that Achonu is the party’s genuine governorship candidate recognised by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

However, the faction led by Lamide Apapa rejected Achonu as the party’s candidate.

While responding to the development, Achonu said, “Let me give you a perfect example of this scam. When they went to the Appeal Court, it declined, so we proceeded to the Supreme Court to challenge that judgement. Do you know what happened? The Appeal Court said why were we bothering? That the judgement was even in our favour. That we shouldn’t bother because the case had been dismissed.

“So what did we do? We went and withdrew the case from the Supreme Court. Immediately we withdrew the case, they went to town that Supreme Court had ruled so and so.

“The beneficiary of all these crises and factions in the Labour Party will be the APC government in power. Because people are already saying if we vote for the one-arm General (that’s what they call me), they will take away the thing from him in the Supreme Court, so we don’t want to waste our votes.

“So that’s just the situation they want to create. They are stimulating the belief that just because I have one arm, I shouldn’t be voted for.”


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