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Monday: #CatchUpMonday (3 -7pm) – recap of entertainment stories from everywhere that happened over the weekend ICYMI.

Tuesday: #ChooseDay (4.30-5pm) – present a dilemma situation or topic and poll people’s reactions/choice to the options available to solving such a situation. Phone in segment/social media

#LifehacksTuesday (5.30 -6pm) share useful life tips on how to become a better version of one’s self (on relationship, business, work-life balance, health, technology etc)

Wednesday: #WackyWednesday (4.30 – 5pm & 7pm) share wacky stories from all around the world.

#QuizDayWednesday (5.30 -6pm) phone in segment – play a quick game of quiz from several subjects – sports, movies, music, geography. Listeners call in and answer trivia.

Thursday: #BrainTeaserThursday (3-7pm) drop 3 brain teasers on Facebook only and pick the fastest fingers to answer all correctly to win airtime voucher.

(5.45pm) #TrendingIn90seconds – quick relay of the trending stories on social media in 90 seconds

Friday: #FlashbackFriday (3-7pm) More Music Friday with old school anthems from various time periods to kickstart the weekend.

6.10pm Monday – Thursday (every week) listen out for FRESHPRINCE’s specially selected Record of the week. A new record plays every week.

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