A fresh earthquake has hit the region of the Turkey-Syria border. The quake comes days after earthquakes were recorded in both countries, which resulted in over 40,000 deaths. According to Syria’s state news agency (SANA), the 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey’s Hatay province, which was devastated by a massive tremor two weeks ago. It also […]

  Four days after deadly earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, rescue workers have recorded successes in pulling several people alive from the rubble. The death toll from the double earthquakes has now exceeded 21,500. At least 18,342 people have been killed in Turkey while over 3,377 people are known to have died in Syria. The […]

    Turkish President Recep Erdoğan has announced a three-month state of emergency in the country to enable rapid search-and-rescue operations. In a statement on Tuesday, Erdogan said the state of emergency would affect the 10 provinces hit by the earthquakes which occurred on Monday. The death toll in the earthquakes, which affected Turkey and […]

  Syrians are mobilising to support Ukrainians, by sharing hard-earned knowledge gleaned from years of war involving Russian forces, such as surviving shelling, helping refugees and responding to chemical attacks.  A unique bond seems to be growing as both Ukrainians and Syrians seeking accountability for the ravages inflicted by Russian forces in their countries. Syrian […]


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