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As the emergence of Prince Tsola Emiko as Olu-designate continues to generate cross-reactions, a section of the ruling the house has faulted the selection process that produced the son of Ogiame Atuwatse ll as Ikenwoli’s successor.

Some of the princes from the ruling house have criticised the method of his selection without reference to the existing edict of 1979.

Addressing a press conference presided over by Prince Omolubi Newuwumi, Prince Mode Akoma and others on Thursday, they insisted that anything done without reference to the succession edict of 1979 which stipulated among other things, the process to select a new Olu of Warri is an aberration.

Omolubi, who is also a first-class chief in the kingdom, said what those who are insisting on jettisoning the edict have done was like “shifting the goal post while the match is still on and such must be condemned by all good Itsekiri blood.”

“My view over the kingship of Warri kingdom have been clearly stated in my first publication titled “Itsekiri Must Get It Right This Time” and I am tagging this write-up as “Da-tse-ru-to-jor” that is “let us do things right”.

“I Prince Omolubi, Prince Mode Akoma and other princes who refused to participate in the so-called Itsekiri Assembly led by Chief Johnson, was done outside the existing edict (law) of 1979 of the then Bendel State which is now applicable to Delta State.

“This is the true position of what transpired between the Ginuwa 1 ruling house after the presentation of Prince Tsola Emiko by the Emiko’s family.

“The Olori-Ebi Prince Emmanuel Okotie-Eboh failed completely by not taking into consideration some major observation as it affects the selection process of the meeting held on the 18th February 2021, he went straight on the 19th February 2021 to recommend in writing and announcing Prince Tsola Emiko, to the advisory council of chiefs.

”I still stand by the edict (law) of 1979 because that was what restrained me Prince Omolubi from not being a contender of the Olu-elect because I am fully qualified by birth.

“If my brothers are saying that the edict (law) should be ruled out, I stand to be corrected which means I and other qualified candidates would have contested.”

He maintained that account to section 8 of the traditional rulers and chiefs edict (law) of 1979, the customary law regarding succession to the title of the Olu of Warri, recognized only one ruling house known as Ginuwa 1.

He said the edict also specially noted that succession is limited to Olu’s company (Otolus) who had previously reigned from the last three (3) Olus.

The edict further stated that to qualify as a candidate, mother of the Olu must be an Itsekiri or of Edo origin, which automatically disqualified Tsola Emiko.

The Itsekiri chief said the edict also stated that, “the Olori-Ebi has no right under any of our traditional law to suspend the Ologbotsere because only a king that gives chieftaincy title can dethrone a chief, the authority belongs to a king alone as you cannot give what you don’t have.”

Omolubi, said it was an aberration for the Iyatsere to call the Itsekiri Assembly in as much there is a living Ologbotsere.”


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