Isrealis protest against nationwide lockdown

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Israeli protesters in Tel Aviv (Image source:Times of Israel)

Isrealis on Thursday protested against a second nationwide lockdown in Tel Aviv. The nation is to re-enter lockdown at 2:00pm on Friday (1100 GMT), hours before Jewish New Year, known as Rosh Hashana, and extend for three weeks over other religious holidays including Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

The country having registered more than 172,000 covid-19 cases with 1,163 deaths is taking precautionary measures to curb a second wave of corona outbreak.

Demonstrators who took to the streets carried placards that read “To be a free people in our land,” making reference to the Hatikva national anthem.

One of the demonstrators at the Habima Square stated that “The economy is in free-fall, people are losing their jobs, they’re depressed,”


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