Actor Gideon Okeke on Women who expose body parts

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Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke, has knocked women who show off their body parts in a bid to get validation.

In his Instagram story on Monday, the star questioned women who showed off their ‘assets’, asking them if it made them more ‘woman’ than they were.

According to him, even ‘small girls’ who just finished secondary education would show off their cleavage in order to validate their womanhood.

The actor wrote, “Cleavages, thighs, butts (cheeks and cracks), camel toes, pubic, etc. Does showing up on all these ‘assets’, make you any more woman than you already are?

“All in the name of ‘I love the woman I’m becoming’. Even a small girl who just finished secondary school would in a bid to validate her ‘womanhood’, nearly want to show ‘tet’.

“So let’s agree that the women like their men dressed up! And the men like their women…it is what it is…?”




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