The Bishop refused to listen to me- Fr. Mbaka

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The spiritual director of Adoration Ministry, Rev Fr Ejike Mbaka while speaking on his where about amidst jubilation of faithful, disclosed that Bishop Calistus Onaga ordered him to leave adoration ground, parish house and be on silence for 30 days.

Mbaka who regretted that Tuesday’s incidence was as a result of the refusal of the bishop to listen to him, said that, “I said so because during the meeting with Bishop and others, I begged them to allow me to attend the “E no dey again” programme so I will tell my people that we are having a house prayer for 30 days but they said no. I made another request for them to appoint another priest to celebrate mass today but they declined”.

“I appreciate your patience, endurance, incomparable love, unquestionable solidarity and unique identification and commitment to God in this ministry. God will keep you, bless you and it shall be well with you. You people have been looking for me, look at me here.

“I wasn’t with my phone because I decided to go in to pray to avoid dissonance at that time. The miracle is that at the time I was with my phone calls were coming from here and there that you people were heading to Bishop’s court and Cathedral. Immediately I asked the group that I spoke with to ask you to go back. They insisted that they must see me otherwise they will not go. I spoke with them on video call but never knew they are over 47 groups. I thought that having blessed the first group that they have gone. It was at that moment that I started receiving calls. I told them I cannot go anywhere unless I hear from my Bishop.

“I thank God you have never attacked the wrong people. The DSS was not involved in what happened. But the Bishop gave an order that I should not come here from today. I should leave adoration house, parish house, that there will be no programme here for 30 days and I should stay silence for 30 days. So, I am telling you the truth of what happened.

“So, why I am telling you this is that the Bishop latter came in and asked me to go and tell you people that you are destroying his house and that things are getting worst. I asked him, is that not what I told you people yesterday. So that nobody will accuse the wrong person. Bishop invited me for a meeting and I was going there to meet with my Bishop, I never knew I was going to meet with lots of consultants. So, when I entered the meeting, I maintained orderliness.

“When Bishop asked me to go and take you people back to Adoration, I asked him what happened now because you told me that I am going to stay away and silence for 30 days? Then, he said I should go first and tell you people to go because things are getting worst.

“This is why people should understand how God works. I never disobeyed the church. People are busy misquoting me doing everything to close this ministry but by the grace of God they cannot do anything”




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