Director of The Black Book, I Am Here To Make Films For The World

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The Black Book, a Nigerian action thriller has ranked top 10 in English language titles globally on Netflix and is still peaking at number 3 in the second week.

According to the records from Netflix, Black Book was released on September 22, and gotten over 5.6 million views within 48 hours. By the second week, it was featured among the top 19 titles in 69 countries.

Director Editi Effiong speaking to the AfricanNews said the movie walked on the way paved by its predecessors.

The $1 million movie was financed with the support of a team of experts and founders in Nigeria’s tech ecosystem.

“’The Black Book’ is standing on the shoulders of those many generations of filmmakers. This is the next step. It’s not different, it’s not anything spectacular. It’s just a natural progression of the industry.”

“The industry is right now at the point where the world needs to take notice. Why? Because ‘The Black Book’ is a film by Black people, Black actors, Black producers, Black money, 100%. And it’s gone ahead and become a global blockbuster.”

The Blockbuster is Editi Effiong’s first feature movie that tells the story of a bereaved deacon who seeks justice himself by fighting a corrupt police gang after his son was framed for kidnapping.

About Africa and its storytelling Effiong said: “One of the things I realize is that there is still a lot of novelty around African stories. African stories are very, you can touch them, you can feel them. They are still rooted, deeply rooted in family and human feelings.”

“There’s a lot of empathy in our storytelling. And I believe that is something that the world needs more of, the world needs more empathy.

“The industry is at a place now where we’ve… There’s no more excuse, we can make stories for the world. And that’s what we’re here for. That’s what I am here for,” he said.



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