Omo Nikoro

OMONIKORO is amongst many things, first a radio lover, then a presenter and public speaker/compere. She began her radio career at Brila FM, Lagos in 2011 and has over the years fallen deeper in love with all that radio is and does. Shortly before her radio affair began, she ventured into public speaking and event/red-carpet hosting; a hobby which has become a profession that she’s exceptionally good at.

“The only omo (child) of Nikoro called OMONIKORO” as she loves to introduce herself, is an insatiable learner with a bachelors degree in Linguistics and a Masters in Communication Management from the prestigious Delta State University. She is the brain behind #OMOsWordForTheDay, a word-learning initiative that spurs people to acquire knowledge in little bits.

Also known as the Radio Masseuse, Omo Nikoro is a mother of two and a queen of one. She loves to write, sing and travel (especially with her king). She believes the mind is man’s greatest asset and gives herself to the pruning of minds through public speaking, videos online and radio shows. She hosts the Weekend Breakfast show on Saturdays from 7am to 12noon, within which she takes on the role of the mind masseuse on the segment The Mind Massage. Every Sunday on the SundayFunday from 3 to 7pm, you can join her on air for mind-stirring conversations on Breaking The Norm.

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